Create a Direct Download Link for OneDrive

How To Create Direct Download Link For OneDrive in Windows 11

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How to Create a Direct Download Link for OneDrive

Cloud storage is a model of cloud computing in which data is stored over the Internet through a cloud computing provider that manages and operates the data storage as a service. It is provisioned on-demand with timely capacity and cost, eliminating the need to purchase and manage your data storage infrastructure. It gives you flexibility, global scalability, and longevity with “anytime, anywhere” data access.

One Drive is cloud storage that allows users to store and share files on their servers. The downloaded file can be downloaded directly from the Internet using the direct download link. A direct download link is used to describe a hyperlink that points to a location on the Internet where a user can download a file. Here’s how to create a direct download link.

How to Get a Direct Download Link from OneDrive

  • Sign in to One Drive > Files > Upload > Files and select the file you want to upload to Drive.
  • Upon successful file download, a pop-up box will appear in the upper right corner indicating that the items have been downloaded to Files
  • This will automatically generate the embed file link in the second box.
  • Finally, click on the Get Download Link option and thus the direct download link will be generated. You can see the direct download link in the third box.

Final Words: How to Create OneDrive Direct Download Links

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