Share iCloud Album with Android Phone

How to Share iCloud Album with Android Phone

How to Share iCloud Album with Android Phone– Using your iPhone to take pictures of your friends and family is a great way to capture your precious memories. But what if they ask you to share images from your iPhone with your non-Apple devices, such as Android or Windows? Any photo or video you take on your iPhone is automatically synced to iCloud, so you can access your iPhoto library from any Apple device. Transferring photos from iPhone to all Apple devices is easy thanks to iCloud, a popular service that lets you store your files in the cloud. And the saved data is automatically linked, and available using the credentials of any Apple user running iOS or macOS.

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Nevertheless, due to Apple’s strict privacy restrictions, it is not easy to share Apple users’ photos with non-Apple users. Here is a detailed description of how to share iCloud pictures with Android device users with just a few clicks. We just need to make sure every detail and every step to avoid any hurdle.

Can You Share iCloud Photo Album with Android?

As we all know, if your friends are also Apple product users, then sharing your iCloud photo album will be easy. However, the situation is different if you share your photo album with your Android user friends. So, if you ask whether it is possible to share an entire iCloud album from iOS to Android, the answer would be yes. Nevertheless, we have to consider that the process is a bit more complicated than the iOS-to-iOS process. Finally, it is still possible, and we’ll help you do just that using the methods below. Please read on to know the simple guidelines given below.

How to Share iCloud Albums with Android

Before following the methods below to share iCloud photos on Android, you should first make sure that you have uploaded your photos to iCloud.

Method 1: Share an album with an iCloud link

  1. Open the Photos app and select the Album option to share an entire album. To share an entire album, open the Photos app and click the Albums tab.
  2. At the top of the page, tap the person icon. Switch to the public website.
  3. A few seconds must pass before the shared album is published. Select Share Link.
  4. Select the person or application you want to share the album with. The link will be immediately added to the text box and sent to your contact. Click Submit.

Now you can email your loved ones on a public website URL from your Android phone. However, there are a few details we need to know about sharing an iCloud Photo Album with a non-iPhone user. These are the following.

There are three significant problems with this approach, which make it less than ideal. First, Android users can only access your photos by clicking on the link you send them and viewing them on the website. They can’t comment on them, add them, or interact with your album in any way. 

This is different from what your iPhone friends experience with iCloud Picture Stream. Second, there’s no other way to confirm access to an album, even if the URL assigned to it is randomly generated, which brings us to the third dilemma. The URL assigned to your album cannot be changed; it is the end. This is not always a terrible thing in itself. But what if someone you don’t know or like finds the URL and views your photos against your will?


More than the above methods, sharing photos with the people around you is a great experience. This article helps us do that by guiding you on how to share iCloud photo albums with non-iOS devices. We hope this will help you do it easily.

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