OneDrive Web Error Code 6

How to Fix the OneDrive Web Error Code 6

OneDrive, as we all know, is a cloud service for Windows. This is just like Google with Google Drive and Apple with iCloud. Many people use this system to store and share data online. Office 365 OneDrive users reported that they could not access the OneDrive cloud library through their browser, the detailed error message read: “An error has occurred. Please try again or refresh the page “With error code: 6 refers to a timeout error caused by a server problem, incompatible network connection, or problems with third-party software.

However, in some cases, the error occurs when using OneDrive. One of them is error code 6 on OneDrive, but don’t worry, because we’ll show you how to fix OneDrive Web Error Code 6 so that you can continue saving important files in your OneDrive. We are also going to show you another tool that you can use to backup and restore data from your Windows Mobile device to your PC without using OneDrive.

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The “error code 6” message you receive when accessing OneDrive is one of the most common error messages you receive when using OneDrive. It simply means that there was a timeout in the meantime. This error usually results in a “Folder cannot be viewed” message. This happens when you try to sign in or work with a particular file on OneDrive.

The error code 6 you receive means that you cannot view folders or files on OneDrive. In fact there are several reasons why this error code 6 occurs, and this is just a common fault. You do not have to worry because it is actually a very simple problem.

Follow the troubleshooting guide below to continue accessing your OneDrive documents.

What Causes of OneDrive Web Error Code 6

OneDrive Cloud Library error code 6 essentially means a timeout error. This may be due to server problems, network incompatibility, or third-party interference.

When diagnosing this problem, you should first make sure that the problem is not caused by a generalized server issue with the Microsoft Offline Online service. Once you verify that the issue is not server-related, try to access your Onedrive account from another device via a mobile application (iOS or Android) or directly through a browser.

One solution that has helped some users solve the problem is to switch between the shared folder and the recycle bin when accessing the web version of OneDrive. If that does not work, you have no choice but to contact a Microsoft technician for specific assistance.

How to Fix OneDrive Web Error Code 6

1- Check your Internet connection

Microsoft states that error code 6 in most cases is caused by a poor Internet connection. If you are having difficulty accessing your OnDrive cloud storage, we recommend that you check your Internet connection service. If you have a good connection, you can proceed to the next solution mentioned above.

2- Check the status of Microsoft Office Online Services

If the problem is caused by a user, then checking the health of Microsoft Office Online Services can resolve the problem itself. To check the status of the service you will need to take several steps:

  • Go to Microsoft Online Service Health Portal. You have to go to “”.
  • Log in to your admin account.
  • If you do not have an administrator account, you can find the “Try a new Admin Center” option on the home page in the upper right corner. Create your admin ID and log in there.
  • In the Administration Center, go to “Health”.
  • Select the “Service Health” button; This will take you to the Service Health Portal.
  • Here you can find information about the health of all your Microsoft services.
  • Now select the service status in the “All Services” view, which will bring up a summary and notes.
  • See all the details here, such as service ID, status, start time, and last update.
  • Now click on “Issues” to see all the issues and issues.
  • Find a solution to a specific problem or contact a Microsoft technician for assistance.

3- Check for Updates and Restart

Check for pending updates for your system. You can follow the following steps to get the update:

  • Go to Start.
  • Search for “Settings.
  • See “Updates and Security” in Settings and go.
  • Click “Check for Updates”.
  • Make sure that you are connected to the internet so that you can get all the updates.
  • Now restart your system.

4- Access OneDrive from your Android / Mac device

If you get the OneDrive status and it doesn’t show you a server issue, you can access your OneDrive account from another device.

This is the most common problem for Windows and Mac. Access your OneDrive cloud account using the Android or iOS app. If you do not want an app to do this, you can also access the web version of OneDrive from your Android device.

Contact a Microsoft Technician

If you feel powerless in solving problems, you can contact a Microsoft technician. They are always ready to help, and some users have even reported that they fixed the error code 6 issue by bringing in only one Microsoft expert.

  • Go to the official Microsoft website, called “”.
  • In the upper right pane, you will find the “Support” button.
  • Here, select your service issue as “OneDrive”.
  • At the bottom is the “Get Help” column, where there is a “Contact Us” button.
  • Click this button and describe your problem.
  • Also, include your contact details.
  • Remember to sign in to your Microsoft account before contacting support.
  • Within hours, the problem is resolved at the other end.
  • After receiving feedback from support, you will have access to the OneDrive cloud.


Now you can fix OneDrive Web Error Code 6 after following the all steps. In the post, we have given all the steps to fix it. If you are not able to fix then you can contact Microsoft.

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