How to Grant and Restrict Permissions in Google Docs

How to Grant and Restrict Permissions in Google Docs

Google Docs recently changed its sharing permissions setting. Here are some tips to properly configure your permissions so it’s simple and efficient! Google Docs is designed to be collaborative. But, “collaboration” can mean different things to different people and different people. Fortunately, Google Docs lets you keep things pretty cool for yourself, or share documents to varying degrees of content with different people if you want. Here you will know How to Grant and Restrict Permissions in Google Docs.

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This article details the different ways you can share your Google Docs with others, as well as the tools they can and don’t have access to when using the various sharing options.

A Guide to Sharing Google Docs

The effect of any document is limited by its scope. You can use Google Docs without sharing your words with anyone. However, this type of closed ecosystem doesn’t help your work or do anyone else any good. The real power of Google Docs is in sharing your work with others.

Sometimes you need help editing, or you just want to entrust a document to someone else entirely. Other times you might want to add suggestions, but you don’t want anyone else to actually change what you’ve created. Then there are situations where the user can only see the content. You can easily handle all these situations using Google Docs.

How to Share Google Docs

The main interface for sharing Google Docs and setting up controls is the Share menu. You can access this menu in two ways:

  • Once the document is closed, in your Google Drive, right-click the document’s thumbnail and select Share.
  • Alternatively, when the document is open, click the blue Share button in the upper right corner.
  • To add someone already to your Contacts, start typing their name or email address in the text box.
  •  To add someone else, select Edit in the box below under getting Link. This allows you to share the document with your network if you have one, or generate a link to share with anyone.
  • Once you are satisfied with the settings, select Copy Link.
  • Then simply share the link in email, text message, other documents, and more. Or, set Documents to Restricted.

How to Control What You Share

After adding contributors, their names appear at the bottom of the text box. Select the arrow to the right of a name to access the drop-down menu. Here you can control whether they can only see the document (viewers), comment only on the document (commenters), or make changes themselves (editors).

 You can transfer ownership or grant access for a limited time through this menu. If you want to change someone else’s access permissions, you can do so at any time, as long as you haven’t made them the owner first. Just go to this menu again and change the settings.

 By selecting the gear icon in the top right corner of the top area, you can also adjust whether the people you share with can share the document with others, download, print or can copy.

How to Prevent Others From Sharing With You

Incidentally, you also have some control over who can and cannot share documents with you. From your Google Drive, right-click on the document that is shared with you.

From this menu, you can report abuse or block the sender from sending you more documents, all without actually opening the document they sent you in the first place.


I hope you all after reading the post you know very well How to Grant and Restrict Permissions in Google Docs. Google Docs allows you to share in several ways. From time-limited read-only sessions to the ability to let someone else take ownership of your work. How you use these tools is up to you, we are glad they work.

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